Finished parts

Slide bearings Slide bearings

The machining department manufactures turned bearings, washer discs and precision parts from high-strength copper alloys. We support you with new and further development of products and we place great importance on modern and economic production.

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  • Slide bearings & Components

    For centuries now buntmetall amstetten GmbH manufactures slide bearings and components.

    Using the most up-to-date machines in our factories, the newest technologies within turning, milling, grinding and others are used on our CNC-machines to manufacture finished parts.


    • Crane- and constuction vehicles
    • Machine construction
    • Car engines
    • Transmission manufacturing
    • Printing machines
    • Automotive industry
    • Compressors/ Pumps
    • Packaging machines
    • General mechanical engineering


    • Solid Cages(CAROBRONZE®)
    • Self-lubricating bearings (CAROPLUS®)
    • Special turned parts

    A specific role within the area of material is the CAROBRONZE® due to its excellent slide characteristics and the different solidness degrees.

    CARO-Plain Bearings and CARO-Special Turned Parts

    More informations about our finished parts 
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    CAROPLUS - Self-lubricating Bearing Elements

    More informations about our finished parts 
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  • Solid Cages
    Cages Cages
    Characteristics of our plant:
    Capacity: reaching to 2 million pieces per year
    Pieces: starting from the prototype until mass production
    Technology: Turning and milling, grinding, water jet cutting
    Employees: 100

    In-house raw material supply


    Following materials are used for solid cages production:

    • Brass
    • Special brass
    • Aluminium-bronze
    • Copper-Nickel Alloys
    • Tin-bronze
    • Aluminium alloys

    CAROCAGE - Solid Cages

    More informations about our finished parts 
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  • Materials

    Material Overview

    Finished products can be manufactured out of the following materials:

    • CARODUR®
    • CARO®444

    Due to the membership within the Wieland-Group a broad range of materials can be offered.


    We manufacture finished parts and solid sliding elements in turned and milled design, as slide bearings, stop discs, and precision parts made of high-strength copper alloys, as well as rolling bearings. The products are made in various designs and adjusted according to customer requirements.

    CARODUR® (CuNiSi)

    This alloy is a beryllium-free, environment-friendly and thermosetting alloy based on CuNiSi.

    CARODUR 1 is one of the basic materials for slide bearings. This material is characterized by an excellent cold- and warm formability against stress corrosion cracking. As such, CARODUR brings following advantages:

    • High rigidity and hardness
    • Excellent electrical conductivity
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Good heat conductivity
    • High endurance limit