Hollow and solid sections

Solid section Solid section

Hollow and solid sections made of copper

Technical solutions achieved through the use of copper sections are becoming increasingly important for cost-efficient production. Ideally, it is sufficient to simply cut the section to length to produce the desired finished part. Copper sections offer additional advantages such as:

  • electrical optimisation of conductor cross-sections
  • thermal optimisation (cooling)
  • reduction of processing costs
  • ease of mounting and installation
  • saving of material

Materials and semi-finished products available
Cu-ETP1, Cu-ETP, CU-OFE, Cu-OF, Cu-HCP, Cu-DHP, Cu-Ag0,1P

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  • Solid sections

    Solid sections

    Solid sections are used in various shapes and sizes, mainly in the electrical industry, e.g. for:

    • busbars
    • terminals
    • switches
    • superconductors
    • generators
    • motors

    We offer a wide range of production possibilities and shapes which is unique in the industry. Our equipment allows us to produce copper sections with weights of 0.02 kg/m to 30 kg/m and to realise sections whose diameter of circumscribed circle ranges between 2.5 mm and 200 mm. Copper sections outside these limits are possible on request. Advances in production processes and tool design make it possible to realise ever more complex shapes. Our competence in the production of sections is unsurpassed as a result of our own tool design and construction.

  • Hollow sections

    Due to their excellent electrical and thermal conductivity hollow copper sections are also suitable for cooled electrical conductors. Since hollow sections are often used at high temperatures, silver-containing copper is used in addition to pure copper. Silver-containing copper has a better softening resistance. Typical applications are:

    • induction heating and melting plants
    • generators
    • busbars
    • transformers
    • electromagnets
    Hollow section Hollow section

    Hollow sections are available as symmetric and asymmetric sections as well as double-chamber sections. Extensive know-how is necessary for the production of these shapes. We manufacture the sections in close cooperation with our customers according to drawings and specifications. We would be pleased to examine and determine whether the hollow section you require can be manufactured.

    Hollow sections are manufactured by extruding and drawing. Asymmetric hollow sections and double-chamber sections are extruded using so-called bridge tools.

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    Copper sections and components

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