Copper Tubes

Supersan CopperTubes Supersan CopperTubes

buntmetall amstetten GmbH has been manufacturing tubes from copper for more than 100 years, and these are used in the most diverse applications.

These copper tubes are manufactured according to the relevant standards in force at the most up-to-date production plants. All pipes produced by us are subject to strict quality control and are made according to the quality management guidelines set out in EN ISO 9001.

We produce copper tubes for the fields of:

  • Building services/ buildings
  • Cooling/ air-conditioning
  • Industry
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  • Reinhard Nowak
  • Tel. +43 7472 606-284
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Application examples

  • Building services/ buildings


    SUPERSAN-copper installation tubes from buntmetall amstetten are high-quality products which fulfil all the specifications of important European benchmarks.

    • DIN EN 1057
    • CU-DHP
    • Condition R 220 / R250 / R 290
    Supersan Copper Tube Supersan Copper Tube

    The special inner surface

    SUPERSAN-copper tubes are produced with an innovative interior surface based on the results of many years of research.

    The VACUTEC-process guarantees the rapid formation of a natural protective layer. This natural layer cannot be substituted.


    • Drinking water supply (cold or hot water)
    • Radiator heating systems
    • Floor heating systems
    • Panel heating systems
    • Solar systems
    • Fire break systems
    • Radiant heating and cooling systems
    • Heating oils and LPG pipes
    • Town gas and natural gas tubing
    • Reverse cycle heating systems

    SUPERSAN installation description

    Installation description for copper tube installation 
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    Cold bending of coated tubes

    Advice for cold bending of copper tubes 
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  • Cooling/ air-conditioning


    Frigotec Copper Tubes Frigotec Copper Tubes
    Frigotec Copper Tubes Frigotec Copper Tubes


    Frigotec Copper Tubes Frigotec Copper Tubes
    Frigotec Copper Tubes Frigotec Copper Tubes

    Copper tubes for regrigeration, air conditioning and medical applications

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  • Industry

    Industrial copper tubes

    Here you can find more informationens about our industrial copper tubes 
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    solarclean-copprer tubes

    Brochure about solarclean-copper tubes 
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    Handling Systems for Level Wound Coils

    Lifting Belts, Adapter Reels, Overhead Unwinding, ... 
    PDF1 MB