Quality, Environment and work safety

Employee safety Employee safety

In 1993, buntmetall amstetten GmbH introduced a quality management system with certification according to international standards at the Amstetten and Enzesfeld-Caro works. Since that time we have consistently further developed and extended this.

The regulations for environmental protection and working safety are just as stringent.


Quality is our commitment

We want to direct our efforts towards the tangible implementation of objectives in the individual divisions. The certification of our quality management system according to EN ISO 9001 documents our high production standards externally. Constant work in the service of our customers enables us to prove this daily.

Quality test

Modern testing instruments and equipment are subject to technical monitoring and are therefore calibrated regularly. The tests are carried out by qualified staff. If the test procedures exceed our test centres, we pass the testing on to competent partners.


Continuous improvement

Due to the constantly changing requirements of the market and the needs of customers, our task and our challenge is to optimise and improve our processes continuously.

Product certification

Under Downloads there are data sheets and other certifications.


We place ourselves well within the legal guidelines where possible. It goes without saying that we protect resources through the use of recycled material in production and via categorised sorting of refuse in the office and production areas, and each member of staff is also called upon to make their personal contribution to this.

Blue Cu Logo Blue Cu Logo

Produced from environmentally electrical energy Blue-CU

We produce in our plants in Amstetten and Enzesfeld CO2 neutral from 100 % renewable electrical energy.

Detailed informations about the theme Blue-CU can be found under Downloads.

Occupational safety

Our motto

"As an employee of buntmetall amstetten GmbH we operation working safety in such a way that every member of staff can return to their families in full health after their work is completed."

Our common objective are 0 accidents


  • Every employee is an example of a lived security
  • Constant improvement of working conditions
  • Compliance with the requirements